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Just came across your people vid on youtube.
I was immediately impressed with the subtlety of your animation.
But I was much more moved by your message.
It serves to remind me that all the flash and chrome in the world
cannot keep me interested
unless there is a human story to dive into.
aaaah people
I have spun my wheels for a very long time
looking for a good reason to get up in the morning.
Today I took my 6 month old son out in his first snowfall.
It was a small insignificant moment in the larger scheme of things
but it meant the world to me.
Such are the places we find beauty and meaning.
It seems every day is now filled with these moments.
Perhaps they were always there and I was blind to them.
You have a gift for seeing the world in all its beauty and chaos.
More importantly you also have the courage to try and change it.
You touch many peoples lives Taron.
In ways that Im sure even you cannot imagine.
Such is the way of the Warrior
and the Sage
methinks you are both.
Thanks again…..
for the art and music and wisdom
to bring into this crazy beautiful world
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Re: People

Dear Stavros,

I begin to imagine that this is why the universe has chosen to keep me waiting for children of my own so that I still squeeze out all the wonders I encounter to digest them consciously and keep studying to find out for whom, what and how they come to be. I can absolutely imagine how much easier it gets to receive it all, when you cannot help but experience it again through the eyes of your child. The many things we've grown numb to, the celebrations lost to routine. I wonder, if I will have learned by then, never to take any of this for granted again? Hmmm... I doubt it, but I know what to strive for at least, haha.

I think, our civilization is a tough one to touch these days, pushed from all sides to isolate from each other, lured into distrust and disrespect. It's not even the disrespect for others that gets it started, but for oneself. As long as people are taught to undervalue themselves, worship idols (eh...heroes and false heroes, virtuosos and fakes, beauties and fabrications) and ridicule their peers by those artificially forged references, the battle to wake them up and activate them is a very, very tough one indeed. Groomed to recognize superiority, worship only migrates as opposed to shaking them up to see that each and everyone has the power of purpose and is desired to function as much as everyone desires to function. Love does not mean worship. Gratefulness, however, may very well mean love and there is nothing wrong with that.
Will I go up against that windmill, though? Yeah, why not... it's not like my current life lasts for many better reasons, haha, but I shouldn't waste it by being foolish, that's for sure. None of us should! The big challenge will always be to figure out how best to move forward, and moving forward we must. The trick is to maintain the good agenda and keep that in mind, having the right motives and not to lose them, that's the trick.
I don't know, yet, how I will juggle it all, but I'd love to be an example...and not one of those "Don't do it like this" ones either, haha! We shall see, but we all depend on each other and I don't want to be afraid to depend on all of you!

My love to you, your son and your whole family, Stavros! Thank you! :)
Here to help! :D
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