Star Wars - The dissapointment awakens

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Re: Star Wars - The dissapointment awakens

:lol: too clean! :lol:
Bully in a commercial, pffff...I had no idea. Anyway, for over a decade at least we're in a period when emotions become foreign to blockbusters and even independent movies prefer to try provocation rather than exploration of any finer emotions. Heroes are super-powered and even the lousiest of them only has to figure out how his/her super-powers work. They become irrelevant to us in terms of being able to relate to them. Shallow is everything, meaningless is everything, weak pretension is the most one could hope for and child-play scripts for adults lead the charts. I mean, fucking fast and furious 7, hahaha...sorry, but honestly. Back in the day I thought my head would implode when I saw "driver", or what it was called, I think a Luc Besson film. It was like a child playing with a toy car, you know, simply doing ridiculous things to get out of ridiculous situations, because "I want it to, I want it to, I want it io...baaaaahh". It's ridiculous. And more and more big budget movies have that exact character. Thinking is no longer an obstacle. Simply suspend it all the way and get on with the show, haha. Terrible.
Yes, sure, there were a few exceptions, and many movies still have decent entertainment value. Not everything needs to be literature in a respectable sense, hehehe. But every now and then a little "Harold and Maude" would become the theaters! 8-)
I'd be curious to see everyone's top ten movies of all times....hmmm...but that's really too much weight on "off topic", I think, hahaha. :P
I have a few in my list, which would probably surprise you, hahahaha... in a terrifying way! But there were a few comedies, which really played the classical jester and presented a really fun mirror to society, while other comedies simply were hilarious without the need of a deeper meaning. But you've gotta go with them to enjoy them and seize being all high and mighty, hehe.
My wife and I, for example, were in tears of laughter, when we watched "Idiocracy". Same goes for "Grandma's boy", while for different reasons.
Hmmm, maybe instead of a top 10, it would be interesting to get everyone's movie suggestions. That might be interesting.

Anyway, great movies do not rise or fall with their effects at all. Even today I would enjoy the original "Andromeda Strain"(1971) or what it was called or even lost in space...I mean, when it's about movies that really needed effects. Or "Silent Running", what a crazy movie... they just worked, because of their story and the concept of presenting it properly/adequately.
Here to help! :D
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Re: Star Wars - The dissapointment awakens

Yes its well made
Yes its fun…in a nostalgic way
Yes it is beautiful at times
Yes the new lead Rae is enthralling
but there is really only one thing to say about the "new" star wars movie….
Déjà Vu

it is what it is
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Re: Star Wars - The dissapointment awakens

Stavros, it's not well made as a movie.
It is digitally pretty perfect executed.
There were nice pictures, nice 3D effects.
But isn't it called screenplay?
What about the play? What about the most illogical story ever told in star wars?
Imagine this in a theatre without effects.

It is, as we say in Germany, a ball less (disheartened) :D attempt to do nothing wrong. In that case - nothing new.
But even then, most of us would be able to write a better, more logic story. Some of us would be much more able to create epic moments Star Wars deserves and SW7 completely misses. ;)
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Re: Star Wars - The dissapointment awakens

Hello All,
I agree with you !
I saw the first movie of the saga in 1977, i was a teenager then. I was thrilled, in particular by the special effects, and (what i discovered later to be) matte paintings. So I could not resist to see every new episode since.
And I saw "The Force Awakens" of course. In spite of really beautiful scenes (for instance the very first scene with Rey with a mask, in 3D, wow!) and good overall quality, i had the unpleasant feeling that it was tailored for people of my age. And this a bit disappointing because, mind you Mr Director, I like new things too !
Well, let's see the next one, some more creativity maybe this time, please.

Anyway happy new year to you, Taron, Stavros and Knacki ! :beer:

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