Ps 2018 with smoothing

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Ps 2018 with smoothing

I guess a lot of us using Photoshop, so this might be interesting,
Updated yesterday to PS CC (2018)
There are some interesting "new" features for painting, like integrated line smoothing which is very nice working and solves my biggest problem in PS - ugly lines.
Brush performance is still much slower than in verve, but mixer brush is useable with >1000px brushes now. It is useable at all, which it really wasn't if you wanted to paint quickly.
So two good new features making this thing more useable than before.
Anyway some even tiny brushes are still super slow. It's still a miracle how PS is #1 painting app. But the bunch of features are overwhelming.

It is said that there are improvements for brush organisation, haven't found anything significant. Instead, they changed the brush thumbnail, which is messing my old and nice organisation :D
You got access to 1000 of those brushes without additional fee.
Have a look here:
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Re: Ps 2018 with smoothing

PS I know it
for many years :? ten
I used gnu / linux software and was pleased
And suddenly verve came up and gentoo went. . . ....
I used PS under trial and edit C: \ Program Files \ Adobe \ Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 \ AMT \ application.xml
key = "TrialSerialNumber"
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Re: Ps 2018 with smoothing

Brush Organization not better? So you need also for the CC2018 still - Magic Squire? For smoothing lines in PS I'm still happy with Lazynezumi :ob and I keep CS& as long as I can. Symetric Paint I can do it here in Verve or in AR or in Krita.
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Re: Ps 2018 with smoothing

You are absolutely right, zero.
No need to get PS.
You know, I need some of the Creative Cloud products for my work, so I have it anyway.

But still CS6 in the house - just in case.
And I am still using Flash 2004 MX. The last Maceomedia version just before Adobe started to mess up things. Quite a pain now, as it doesn't support Aero and crashes, when Aero is not completely disabled. Anyway, still best for vector animation painting with AI export.
I am really waiting for blenders Grease pencil to have a native 1to1 SVG export. That would be a gane changer for me.

Krita and Verve are offering so much functionality, really a blast for free.
Didn't touch gimp for quite a while, but it looks that there happened quite a lot as well.
Got Affinity photo for my ipad. Well this is the first serious photo app for ipad. Pretty strong already. For 22€ once!
Adobe's IOS apps are far away from this.

But the tragic truth is, that PS has almost everything under the hood to do impressive pictures. Starting from photo bashing to painting tools. Some are weak, some are slow, but under the line it's still the all around work horse.
So can't harm to be informed what they do ;)
System: i7 3930k@4,2 Ghz / Titan GTX 6GB / win7 Ultimate 64 Bit/ 64GB Ram

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