Happy tomorrows days ?

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Re: Happy tomorrows days ?

Fiction... but it‘s already possible and very likely already existing.

Most of my knowledge and „optimism“ about mankind, I take from my own experiences.
Through my life and journeys.
Driving over a bridge in India, where people are living beneath. It‘s their home.
India is kind of special, I met nice people over there only, so far I had the chance to learn a bit more about them.
But it is not a nice place at all, as part of people are not educated and used like animals for work, and in fact behave almost same. A really tough experience as I really do want to believe in mankind. Finally, I found myself hating those poor people for destroying part of my illusion, and hate myself for having feelings against those poor people who just never had a chance.

Jamaika, I experienced it to be the most unfriendly place on earth I‘ve ever been.
These people are extra tough.
As always, one meet some people who are nice, but in Jamaika, I experienced it to be a very small minority.

North Ireland while the war was still active and soldiers where everywhere.

West China, almost same but this time the Uyghurs where fighting against loosing their land, life and identification.

Have you ever been in Cairo during rushhour, which is 24/7 there.
Man, it‘s almost impossible to describe the aggression.

It‘s just a small part. You see, I really believe in mankind as single person.
I met so many wonderful people in China, but I am not sure if those wouldn‘t kick me away when it‘s about him or me getting last place in Shanghai’s Underground.

Passing the old border between East and West Germany.
Brothers and sisters, very likely to kill each other.

Ukrain, so many lovely and friendly, warm-hearted people (as I know them) killing each other in the east.
I was in Kiev when Euro Maidan begun. So much hope, smiling people singing for their freedom.

And take Germany, probably not known for the most warm souls, made something unbelievable possible in welcoming so many refugees with flowers.
Stones and hate are taking over.

Is it nonsense to take an eye on how this could become possible?
Who is controlling things in a slightly way.
And trust me, it is often not the big person or organisation behind all this. Sometimes it‘s just the stupid search function of Facebook leading a nazi from one lie to another, as it is programmed to present results, the viewer might like to spent more time on the site.

Your view is a bit too esoteric, to far away from my very own experiences.
I was disappointed way to often in seeing how quickly are people really change from good to aggressive mood. How soon they turn into a beast.
It‘s needs sometimes just seconds.

And I hardly can‘t stand the ignorance about a fact that the enviroment is globally destroyed in an unbelievable speed.
Being in Bejing or Urumqi and you can‘t breathe for days as there is poisoned smog only left, is a good medicine against blindness.
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Re: Happy tomorrows days ?

So, what's your verdict, then? I mean, what's the real outlook? Why do you think are people being exploited like they are in India? What is poverty really and how does it come to be? First you need scarcity, because without it, well, there simply cannot be poverty. How can you create scarcity, if there is an abundance? Well...destroy the abundance, right? This could be by means of borders, land grabs or simply a sort of poisoning, like destroying seeds or replacing them with something that's privately owned, of example. Then pull people together into large centers like a city, away from the countryside, where they could supply themselves. How do they get people into the city? Hmmm...making it attractive? How about making it necessary in one way or another. So many things are happening that you just don't want to see. You think, because you visited some countries you suddenly have the great enlightenment on how aggressive such deeply frustrated humans are. Why are they so frustrated, why the rush in rush hour? Those questions interesting to you at all? Nope, they are too esoteric, right. It's not like people could have fragile minds that try to make sense of what is being asked of them. And the moment you have those questions you are suddenly being called a Nazi, haha. That's so insane. What fragile mind sucks up this garbage and spits it without hesitation back into somebody's face. Unbelievable.
All the labeling that's happening today, it's uncanny. This is the most aggressive censoring, because it turns people into their own censors. Speak one "word that must not be spoken" and you're a Reichsbürger. Not like anybody knows what that's meant to be in the first place. It just sounds ominous transcending technical definition or any verification. But it's just the simple programming that already sits so well with the simple minded and even those, who think themselves the wiser. Questions are so dangerous.

Anyway, I wasn't a tourist. I never had that privilege. I lived in the States for more than a decade and saw the decline in friendliness and drifting into a growing coldness among people. When I left it was not nearly as bad as it's supposed to be these days from what I hear old friends tell me, probably bordering German conditions, seriously. And I'm just talking about my own experiences, growing up in Germany, of course. Enough exceptions to keep the hope alive, but dang... such default distrust and lack of respect.

Now I could jump on your provocation with the Nazi bullshit and ask you what "lies" you are talking about. But neither am I what is commonly considered a Nazi, nor am I on facebook...so... I'd take your word for it with great curiosity.
Things I would love to talk about are so taboo, I would be tared and feathered immediately just for entertaining the desire to know about it. What could possibly be so terrible, so forbidden, in this day and age, that one must not even think about it, let alone utter a word in that direction? And WHY?
But just turn around, relax, enjoy your mental feeding and insist that the truth lies within the smog and under bridges or with unfriendly people of a tropical island, who are ruthlessly oppressed and full of resentment, because they are still too close to knowing what it should've been like instead. Yes, they are proof that mankind is hopelessly evil. Salute! :beer:
And pray why is the environment so rapidly destroyed by whom? Did you and your neighbors decide to prevent different lifestyles from being recognized as viable, other than having to drive a poisonous vehicle day in, day out to some work place where more than likely nothing useful is being created, but more trouble, more stress, more pain and the management of that process? I'd imagine not. In fact, I imagine that you can take that question to any person out there and they will all rightfully shake their head! But those talking heads and carefully crafted soundbites your snacking on tell you every single day that it is in fact your fault and that of your neighbors. You could decide to go vegan, grow your own food (Oh, hold on, there may be a law against it), live off grid (Oh, no, that's not allowed either), trade with people (Oh, sorry, no, that's not allowed either)....well dang, what the heck, you could somehow leave the confines of your society and seek a place in the wilderness (Ohm, not sure if that's allowed at all...hard to find nomansland these days and survive the search). SO, see, yeah, it's your damn fault, media is right! Oh, but what a nonsense I'm talking, I'm so sorry.
My point remains the same, people are not inherently evil, even when they can be driven into it, which is also not so easy on a well balance human. But who is well balanced these days? I know that I'm not, and I believe I'm way closer to it than most, simply because I dared to make my choices against the established paths and accepted the challenges that came with it and still do accept them and they're still coming, but I do this, because I trust that my desire to create tools for people and hopefully even inspire them is acceptable in the universal process, which we represent. It took some courage and pretty relentless sacrifice, too, but I'm not complaining. I'm just saying that it's not an easy path, but it brought me to a place I love. Now I'm just hoping I can continue to make the right decisions and keep up the courage to learn how to deal with all the other curious little hoops society has placed between me and all of you. I don't want those things. I just want to develop, bring power to those, who care to experience theirs and hopefully lead to some extra happiness for everyone along the way. Pretty darn Nazi like, isn't it, especially my long hair and all...parade example. Not many years ago people would've called me an extreme leftist, hahahaha. I'm seriously afraid to write the German slur "Linker B...", you know. But I never cared about politics or any of such stuff. It's surface stuff. It follows a game plan that I could never care about nor dare follow, knowing that people like us will never know what's really happening in that arena.
My solution to everything is to follow my heart, do the very best I can do with the care that I've been given by my beloved "universal process", hahaha, and keep but a watchful eye on the stuff that goes on, observing, deducing, but never presuming that I could know. And we're fast approaching the time where sharing these thoughts is like a declaration of war between even the closest of friends. And, again, did we think this up? Did we turn ourselves into raving maniacs of judgement? Well, if it wasn't us, then who is it?

Ah, never mind any and all of it. This was about a nasty "scifi" warning about the future we'd be heading into, preparing us to be scared of absolutely everything: The Evil Doers from religious fanaticism AND from Government Security/Military or what one might call all of that. So, how safe is this world now and how did we get there? No, don't ask, don't even think about asking! You'll alienate yourself from all your loved ones that way... just don't think outside your designated thought territory! ;)
Here to help! :D
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Re: Happy tomorrows days ?

Hahaha - you see in my youth I was seriously irritated by this kind of "strong" discussions.
I mixed up a heartly held controversy with a fight.

In fact, my hair is long as well - since I was in Dublin visiting a museum and a play about the 1000 anniversary of Viking invasion almost thirty years ago.
There we were asked, if we are all slaves due to our short hair. ;)

I found a niche for my work as well. Knowing that millions of people have seen my work and had some serious fun and bright moments over the years.
Whatever, I created some decent and positive goosebumps.
The home office makes me do a "cleaner" job. (somehow - beside travelling)
But, and that is still the bottleneck, people are earning money somewhere so they can afford to see my work.
Same is with you, I am sure. But a step further as you completely quit what you have done before, but you have to make a living somehow.

A general income is a good idea but needs to be done globally.Which wouldn't be to lovely for the "leading" states.

I really do hope, that some of your points are right as I am sure some are definitely not. There are some experiences going differently, and me I am more this "Lord of the flies" believer.
But under the line, we are pretty close, just that you take it more in general, as I am searching for details in the way we are influenced. And I really think it is important to know who and how we are influenced, even though we'll never know the real truth.
And that is still my point, that we are nowadays even much more influenced than ever, as it is much more easy.
That there even more interests to separate people and communities.
Maybe, after this conversation is found by some search engines, we'll have a troll in here as well.

And there are not always political interests behind some development.
That we have more bad weather warnings than ten years earlier is i.e. because of all this advertising driven weather apps earning money by clicks. Good, not dramatic weather is not causing clicks.
It's all about getting our attention as attention, time on certain websites is money.

Damned! I wish my English could really stand this kind of conversation btw.

Ha! To come back to topic.
This is the way drones should be used:

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Re: Happy tomorrows days ?

THAT... is hilarious!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :ob
Thanks, Knacki! Perfect choice, perfect timing and you show all the wisdom and maturity to verify again why I have you in my heart for all this time already!
Ich würde ja auch auf Deutsch schreiben, wenn bloß nicht all die Extrazeichen notwendig wären, hahaha. 30 years of US Keyboard Mapping make that quite uncomfortable. I recently wrote a birthday email to my sister before calling her, making the extra effort to finally memorize the ASCII codes for ä,ö,ü and ß. But it isn't a pleasant way of writing. :roll:

What makes me truly happy and brings plenty of peace to my heart is that- in principle, at our core- we do really understand each other. Different paths lead to different inclinations, that's absolutely natural. The more one then thinks about their experiences and works out the gained perspective, the stronger the weight becomes on it, too, making it challenging to have a relaxed conversation with people of a different perception. We likely do take a lion share of what we've come to understand for granted and don't know that it would require a much more lengthy disclosure to reach a commonly understandable starting-point. That's often forgotten how much this could help.

Anyhow, dang, man, you really did get around in the world quite a bit! Good for you, that's really great! And you've got long hair, too!?!? :o HA! My reason is kind of similar, but from "the other side of things", so to say. An artist, who I worked with, when I was 15, told me that the upside of being a creative is that you can do what ever you want with your looks, like letting your hair grow, for example. And I thought:"Dang, that's a brilliant idea!"... :shrug: :hihi: ...we were surrounded by people in suits and ties, by the way! :geek:
Here to help! :D
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