Mindblowing 3D Art, that looks like a 2D/Charcoal Drawing

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Mindblowing 3D Art, that looks like a 2D/Charcoal Drawing


I found it on sketchfab today, but this artwork you can also see on artstation. And here you can read something about the creation-process: https://80.lv/articles/2d-sketch-in-3d- ... 6mVoorVfzk

Btw.... how he did render it? There are no Light-Setups
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Re: Mindblowing 3D Art, that looks like a 2D/Charcoal Drawin

They need to hire this guy to work on Netflix's Dragon Prince, the animation on that show is weirdly eery for its faux-traditional-animated look, this guy's material seems like a bridge over the uncanny valley.
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Re: Mindblowing 3D Art, that looks like a 2D/Charcoal Drawin

This is so clever, it almost makes me angry! :lol: :ob Brilliant!
Here to help! :D
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Re: Mindblowing 3D Art, that looks like a 2D/Charcoal Drawin

I wanted to keep the 3D version as close to the illustration as possible, so there is no dynamic light used. Everything is painted into the texture by hand. I think this is my weakest point at the moment. Figuring out a believable 3D light scenario for an illustration can be challenging both technically and artisticly, and can look pretty horrible very easily. I always experiment with “adding” extra light sources behind the model where the illustration doesn’t describe exactly how the backside should look because I think it’s more interesting to have multiple sources. Even though this is something I have not yet figured out a working formula for, the ideas and “that worked once, let’s try again” mood are already enough for a start. I can only recommend experimenting and sticking to the references, – in the process, you can decide whether that lighting works or not.
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