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PostPosted: Tue Jan 28, 2020 12:28 pm
by Tartan
Hey Taron,

Here I sit waiting on an almost forced purchase of Microsoft Office because of the requirements for formatting a book in Kindle form for Kindle self publishing.

Your blog is something to behold Taron and I liked the way you tied your daily sketches into your perceptions of the world. Have I read it all? Nope, but I will attack it with my coffee once in awhile to stir the sludge from my mind. :beer: (You still need a coffee emojii ;)

Well thought on the number 2 daily sketch but why not post number 1? Introductions are an important part of any book that has them and while it is a blog, it reads at times like a textbook in the old Philosophy of Religion courses I took in college. The best part of your blog is I get to see more of your art and views although it saddens me that you abandoned the sketches

I am still curious as to what ENKYGOXO EL TARONIUM means now from the header. My multilingual skills and knowledge of Latin are pretty much non existent. Some searches for ENKYGOXO led me to Japan with different spelling and that's another story.

Lemi that was a beautiful set of images you posted. I like the rock and wood sculpture. c:! c:! c:!

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 14, 2020 11:01 am
by Taron
Ahahaha, oh my... enkygoxo was spat out by a random generator back then and I thought it was hilarious. "Enki" was the Sumerian god of wisdom, and this word reminded me- or felt like- a great "fantasy" synonym for "philosophy". Thus, with a slight stretch of the imagination, the title would read the "evolving philosophy of mine". ;)

The blog is pretty fascinating to me, too, because it really makes note of my journey into understanding. Many of the stations it shares are long behind me, but they were necessary to get to where I am now and who knows where it leads me from here. Thing is, it's a process and the blog shows it. I did write a few things early on, which have not yet lost relevancy. Above all was my little article about "primary vs. secondary", which essentially is a fundamental problem of being human, especially in this age of our culture. But there were a whole bunch of funny little sidesteps that illustrate my own "deprogramming", hahaha.
I do wonder what I would've said to myself, if I could talk to the old me, hahaha. Might've been interesting. :lol:
I'm so far out of submission to materialism, which doesn't mean I'd deny matter or the challenges we face here, but it means I believe to understand enough what it is to deal with it far more practically, so to say, and less in fear. It is game-like, but it's such a massive, collective choice... I have no doubt that it's not the only choice, but it's one that apparently vast numbers of souls have agreed upon. It wouldn't have lasted, if it wasn't truly promising.
But before this becomes an orphan blog post, hehehehe... THANKS, Tom! I'm excited to imagine that you're reading through it all. Please, share your thoughts with me, I'd love to learn about them and- clearly- love to talk about it all! :hihi: BIG :hug:

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 16, 2020 9:24 pm
by Tartan
Hey Taron :)

I have delved into your blog multiple times because it is interesting reading. My travels across it might be likened to skipping a stone across a very wide river. Each time the stone hits the water I gain perspective and insight. Who is to say that a lot of your older posts have lost relevance? Writers by their very nature are collectively unqualified to comment on their own works because they are too close to it. I have not run into anything that wasn’t relevant either in question posed or question answered or state evolved.

Your daily sketch post #2 on Solomon was well thought out and relevant although you might think otherwise. It takes the scholar approach and your knowledge of the Bible exceeds mine. I went to a private Christian school for many years and was more likely to be reading Tolkien in Bible class. You should have heard some of the discussions we had when I pulled out different arguments regarding common themes using “The Golden Bough” (and other works) as reference. My poor Bible teacher Mr. Fetrow didn’t have a clue but he was always open to debate. Most Bible scholars have tunnel vision and their knowledge of other religions and belief systems is limited. You don’t have that restriction which makes for much better reading :)

Regarding Solomon and “nothing new under the sun”. There has to be a question posed in counterpoint to his statement. New for whom? The child or the apparently disillusioned old man? It is the statement of a man who has lost his sense of wonder but that was my first thought upon reading the opening. Following your train of thought into the emergence of dogma from the conditions and rules set forth in their societal structure was well reasoned dove tailing into dualities. “There are many dualities observable in all aspects of existence, the composition of our universe. But the greatest one is not between "good and evil", but between "ideal and strive". Your #2 sketch embraces that duality. Well done and was great with a cinnamon roll and coffee :)

Enkygoxo. Finally the mystery is revealed. I think that’s a great origin story LOL. I also like the meaning you ascribe to it. It fits the blog perfectly :) My main exposure to Sumerian myth comes from Gilgamesh and National Geographic. Considering Daily Sketch #2 there may be a sub conscious attempt to tie Enki and Solomon together. Coff coff. Or not ;) (Bad pun on wisdom :D) I have seen you drift into flights of fantasy before and it does you credit when you do. I can remember bits of story you attached to some of Knackis work that could be taken to a longer effort. :hug:

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 16, 2020 10:32 pm
by Taron
AH, wow, you have my scour me own blog to find and even read my old thoughts. It is quite interesting for me to remember these, knowing and reading that they all come from a deep place of sincerity, regardless as to where I was then in terms of understanding.
When I now think about the line "There's nothing new under the sun", I tend to believe that something very different is meant by it, much deeper, much more fundamental. I believe, it may very well be a timid hint about the very nature of all, that nothing is "new", but rather the eternal, manifesting in a struggle between permanence and entropy of an idea.

We find reflections of this process in everything and everyone around us. And everything and everyone finds different channels to exhibit or (trying to) control this struggle. Yet, it has been there since the first spark and will remain part of the engine that carries on. I'm by now very hesitant to speak of "infinity", because I recently reasoned away the existence of it, hahaha :lol: :hihi: ...we like to call things infinite, because we either can't imagine the end of it or don't have the capacity to determine the circumstances. For example, we may look at a circle and say that there are infinite aspects about it, but in reality we just ignore that it may get broken nor are we inclined to introduce such ridiculous concern into our precious equations. The only "thing" that has no end also has no beginning, which would give us only the unfathomable eternal and all else reveals itself as merely a temporary manifestation.
Funny thing: This can sound utterly depressing or brilliantly liberating. And I'm all for the latter, of course! :D fact, despite what I wrote in another post not too long ago ("...existence may be but a thorn in the eye of eternity..."), I like to believe that this sense of joy is in the very root of our relentlessly evolving self-manifestation.
Question is, will it help us to embrace it all, once we truly remember that life on earth is always a chosen experience and never involuntary, that it comes from a desire we must not remember during our earthling-days for it might impede our ability to integrate ourselves against all odds we will likely have measured beforehand?
We are existing just over the edge of knowledge, living in the wilderness of a becoming. Gradually we try to tame it and we yet have to understand, whether we are meant to take away something we don't understand, yet, or whether we allow ourselves to continue on our journey into understanding until we are in harmony with its nature and no taming has ever been necessary.
Well, this shapes up to be a proper blog post, hehehe. :shrug: But I truly enjoy thinking about it all as I almost always do anyway. Concerns are changing, observations are changing, the very point of observation changes, but all these thoughts are driven by my wish to see more clearly where the love goes that glues us to it all and how it can weave itself out of sight more times than not, if we don't look closely enough or cannot widen our vision to see the whole again. As the other old saying goes:" The devil is in the details!" And I like to finish this one by adding:" ...he has no domain elsewhere." ;)

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 19, 2020 1:38 pm
by Tartan
Definitely a proper post and lovely expression of thoughts Taron. :hug: I can't help but smile at the inspiration. "The Man Who Broke Infinity or the Circle Shatters" and that gives me my creative jump start for the day :beer:

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 19, 2020 2:09 pm
by Taron
You're very welcome, Tom! :hug: ... had to giggle and think: "never never end" :hihi:

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 21, 2020 8:34 am
by Lemivision
I don´t want to ruin your nice thread, Taron. Yesterday I watched an interesting short anime movie stated below. Maybe it fits your thread and current time a little bit.
Madame Tutli-Putli:
BTW I can agree with the most likeable comment. I used Google translator to understand Spanish.

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 21, 2020 9:26 am
by Taron
Oh, no worries, Lemi! I'll watch it later for sure! :ob

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 17, 2020 12:38 pm
by Lemivision
Sorry, I didn´t find a better place for the link and don´t want to create a new topic for it.

The murder of Zdzislaw Beksiński:

Can our minds (or let say madness) influence our end?
Can we trust anybody? We don´t have the same personality as yesterday, can I trust myself? Is the "devil" inside of us? Is everything just an illusion that we want to trust?

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 21, 2020 9:00 am
by Pilou
Alas all is only bad or good karma... :?
I am of course fan of Beksinski (sorry in French but English Sub-Tittles)