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Re: Blender Fun

My 1st (showable) attempt to have fun with Blender :
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Re: Drool

Hey TAron
Ive just been revisiting this blender page and I just have to say…….
The displacement renderings of Verve paintings are……well…..really just unfreaking believable!
Because they are sooooooo freaking believable. I just stare at them and droooooool
I know there are hardware limits to realtime stuff but…..
even if it was a post painting thing built into Verve…
where you flick a switch and it takes a moment to build a micro displacement map
and do a hi res render right in Verve?
I know I know I know…….ok….stay focused…focus…FOCUS!
stop it
stop it
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Re: Blender Fun

Hahaha, it is in fact part of something I'm dreaming of, too! :lol:
I absolutely agree and I can only hope to get there at some point. Would be awesome!!!
Here to help! :D
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Re: Blender Fun

Hello guys,

is this blender file somewhere still available?
I found one link which seems to be broken. Maybe someone can upload it again?
I think it's a very good addition to verve's portfolio having some decent renders done by the community.

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Re: Blender Fun

I don't have it ...maybe this? Not sure that you can enter any size ?...
Works in 512 *512 but colors are losted! In fact not if you go to end of my post! :)
you can input an image x*x of a power of 2 !!! :ob
Drag & Drop is cool! :beer:
You can Zoom and have a new floatting image with clicking the Glass Lens ;)

PS So you must load them with an easy Render program
like the free Real Time SimLab Composer Light! (max 1920 *1080) ;)
Is beautiful that please without concept!
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