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Feedback v.0.99v.32

I guess it's not v32 specific but drives my seriously crazy.

I experience Verve as super lousy in painting on clear canvas, Very buggy, very strange to handle.
As long as one uses black, it‘s good, but as soon as one use colors it is getting strange on transparent or semi transparent parts.
One thing is the outer rim when changing colors, the other, and that bothers me much more, is this kind of "memory" of past and erased strokes.

This is an example:
Fuck.JPG (131.36 KiB) Viewed 1430 times

The dark brown strokes were painted on an empty canvas, than visually completely erased.
When painting over, it's full visible again.

This happens all the time and is super annoying. I have to say, that I am painting with 0 Fluidity, as moving paint is not my fav in the moment.
Could that be the prob? I also don't like smudging for the same reason, as I too often loose myself in modelling instead of painting.
Any tips is really appreciated.
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Re: Feedback v.0.99v.32

Knacki, this is the trade-off I wrote about from the very beginning. Verve cannot act like a normal digital paint app, because it interacts directly with the canvas without any in between step. That means, you do not paint on a temporary layer that then gets blended with the canvas, like it is happening in all other digital painters. As a result, alpha is a tricky matter on an empty canvas. I keep thinking about smarter solutions that somehow make it act more normal. To be continued... 8-) ...I never give up!
Here to help! :D
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