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PostPosted: Tue Dec 17, 2019 8:29 pm
by Intars
Yes, the brains definitely has mechanics of its own, it is some sort of hard-drive with embedded (and embeddable) operating system in a way which can't outsmart it's own installed drivers, so to speak. This is my current guess, though i am no expert at neuroscience. I for the very first i my life had lucky and an arranged by one of our professors in AI chance to have scientifically friendly visit to anatomy institute of local medical university - we were shown human brain sections under microscope and see the thing with our own eyes :o They went as far as even showing few real ones up-close as well.
There is so much specialized cell structures there doing lots, lots of chemistry and energy conversions, manipulations to enable our thinking - ...that just by looking at thing it becomes suddenly clear why medical scientists with ease can say nobody knows everything about the brain.

Worries of brain being something mechanic might be displaced, we don't have to worry about it - it is mechanic, and that's good news. Folks can study it and this mechanic is not overly primitive either. We will not ever need to control our heartbeat rate by our own thoughts, brain will do it by default for us automatically, as many other things. Probably taking large part out of our humanly imagined FreeWill along the process, very, very probably but that is just my current personal accepted hypothesis, i don't know how it truly is. As i allow myself to see it - even not having free will, or lets say having a really limited one due to biological constraints (as it may turn out be discovered, explained, accepted possibly in some future) don't quite "steal" anything from person being quite a unique unit always and guaranteed anyways to some degree (lesser or more - dependently on what social value's society and progress level this unit lives in.)

So yes, Taron, i am with you on that about our brains.

When i drew that verve paint i was truly exhausted :)
I remember having one interesting semi-bug, not sure that it was bug but it appeared to be so and it helped me in a way. Those perfectly straight horizontal lines at the bottom of drawing.... 8-) . I honestly wouldn't know how to achieve such perfect straight lines in verve. It maybe might be possible if you place on top of tablet some linear object and draw along its line, but i don't have tablet; yes, i am still drawing everything with a mouse :shrug: ; probably i got so used to this it absolutely don't bother me anymore in a slightest.

Lines sort of "created themselves" almost out of nowhere across all the canvas, on the level of one additional upper layer at some point of painting session whenever i tried to do anything on that layer, be it brushing or smearing. I just deleted lines in most parts of canvas and left there at bottom as integral part of image 8-)
Verve helped me in such mysterious way too :hihi:

Now the semester is over, only exams ahead and in-between i finally will have days off. What you said about brain associations made me quite automatically start to think about semantic webs and Marvin Minsky, Peipert and those fellas. Maybe i should paint them (or some other science dude or 'dudesses') one day, by the way? It striked me just now :(
As for A.I. with motivation, i can recall one really interesting piece of paper that i happened to read, it was quite intriguing. Publication described a project from 2008 or something around it about funny looking and named robot Cog in MIT lab. They were trying to study there what and how such thing as artificial sleep/dreams could be induced in robot. I can only invite to try look up for papers on that, it was adventurous reading. I liked the robot's name - Cog.

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 18, 2019 12:44 pm
by Intars
Watcher from some other world...

I don't precisely remember what kind of trick or technique i tried to pursue or test in verve with creation of this drawing. But i was experimenting with few parameters and brush 9, i guess.
There was a curiosity for me to experiment more with fluidity parameter. Whole image started as a fluid mess of two, three linearly separated color areas. It is as if verve itself morphed
quite a lot of deformities itself and i worked on that. Very, very cool thing is this fluidity. Works so great when you don't know what you want to draw this or that time but want to experiment.
During one moment, by looking at fluidity mess, i realized forms kind of 'suggested' :| me that i probably may want to draw something from childhood memories of horror shows, like
"Tales from the Crypt" or creature movies.
So i got this dude at the end of session.

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 19, 2019 6:24 pm
by Pilou
Funny i can recognize my old one inside! :mrgreen:

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 20, 2019 1:05 pm
by Intars
:hihi: Look how good, positive associations we have.
Time for some cartoon chicken-bird on internet screens.

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 22, 2019 4:11 pm
by Intars
Okay fellas, i wanted to share with you next one, new piece that i dared to create. This time around it was something new, really difficult and never previously
tried out of being done not only in verve, but as far as i remember, in any format whatsoever. I was looking for a way how to materialize a sitting in my memory
strong impression - an impression which can be described as a composition of chain of impressions, all of whom very important, nostalgic, positive and held dear, with
nostalgic attributes and warm memories around them. This whole vervePainting is a symbolic, approximating representation of that impression which now in modern
days was touched upon and forcefully mixed with elements of shock, something sudden, unacceptable yet nostalgic at the same time.

Sometimes some drawing from childhood book, a film, a cartoon or real event becomes so integrated into memory space, so valued that you approach it with importance,
even fears of breaking it due to perceived possible timely fragility of some sort. This image had to be created, immediately, although it stands on very old foundations that
i never tried to explore in my art.

It was created with newly discovered revelation that brush 7#, most ignored brush by me in vervePaint, can be of tremendous help to me and very flexible way to verve-paint
something. Taron, once again, kudos goes to your software developing skills and ideas. I want to iterate once more what was said on this forum already - verve is almost the only
reason why i do digital art nowadays. This golden phrase will be repeated many times.

Enjoy, folks. See if image rises, recalls any emotions for you ;)

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 02, 2020 6:54 am
by Tartan
Great paint studies intars. Love your new avatar!

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 09, 2020 1:31 pm
by Intars
My attempt, among the very first ones, to get back to canon. We all know him. I tried to reach original T1 style and look.
For me Terminator holds dear place in memories, and for me it means largely the original T1 and T2:Judgement Day.
Many of my generation were introduced with this film by watching for the first time T1 from 1984 on VHS tapes on TV
and seeing this incredible, highly original and frankly quite scary sci-fi/horror for what it was - more like a horror film.
There was something so special in Arnold playing villain cyborg and whole design of T101 and vision of war against the machines.

I knew i had to draw it some day, sooner or later, like inescapable destiny. At the same time it is so popular, so cliche now.
Still, we all this, i nevertheless had to give a try in approaching a canon by myself.
Taron, once again, thanks goes to you - your brush 7 in verve does a great job in serving to artistic needs! I made most part of
this drawing with that brush alone, with some additional usage of few others here and there. It is still a puzzle for me how i
allowed myself so easily to ignore 7th brush for so long time prior this.

(original drawing creation date - 17 December 2019)

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 09, 2020 1:53 pm
by Taron
Very cool and scary, as so often with you, hehe! :o 8-)
Yeah, you know, I hardly ever use #7 myself. It's a spooky brush for a few reasons. I do, however, love #8, that's for sure! :D c:!
The results y'all are getting with #7 are pretty flipping awesome, though! :hyper:

Dang, this looks meaty! :? :lol:

And, yeah, I grew up with these movies, too. Definitely horror more than scifi, no matter how much they want us to believe these days that it was a viable vision, haha! :uhuhuh:
Arnold was perfection for those back then! :borg:

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 11, 2020 4:27 pm
by Intars
And of course it is easy with me to come to bias that it is as if the horror mainly is mostly the only thing i do in drawings. It is true to quite certain and pronounced
degree for sure, but not entirely. I truly do sometimes cartoony, lighthearted, happy art doodles as well - thing is that mostly they are done with pencils, but here i
post only the verve stuff to play along the main idea of forum. Thus, we never get to see almost any of light and funny art from me, which i like to do as well :ud:
Still, i like and feel really good to upload here only vervepaints...
But i think i will have to consider idea of bringing with me some cartoon piece done with verve as well. There are few ideas that i liked to try .... he hee :ugeek: ... but i will not reveal them on words now..

#7 is great. For now i haven't quite unlocked for myself the proper and creative utility of #1 and #2 with minor exception situations. That is for future sessions.
#9 works like universal brush for anything and everything.

Yes, about Arnold for sure - back then, i remember, it was enough for me to see Arnold face in movie to stay engaged. And T1, T2, Predator stood out most - as the best of everything back then.
He worked like a charm on screens.

I brought one bonus with me. Thought that maybe to some it may appear interesting - a sort of behind the scenes look of my previous "T101" vervepainting.
It shows some of alternatives among which i had to decide at the end about who will be "the one" to represent 'final' image so to speak. And that turns out
into such a clumsy moment :hihi:
Taste has no definition, we all know that :roll: My choice was for middle one. But which one is better :hihi: ?

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 11, 2020 4:55 pm
by Knacki
Love that very much