Here we can have ourselves some fun challenges. Figured we're enough people to have some fun with that already?! :D

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Re: 2016

Taron wrote:Very, very nicely written, no doubt! c:!
(I trust you were using the mouse speed appropriately!?) :ugeek:

:mrgreen: but I could resist using lazy nezumi ;)
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Re: 2016

Happy 2016! :beer:
No fireworks for me, just quick sketch doodle with some brush 10 foliage effort (for lazy people like me yes) .
(and Glen Keane homage)
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Re: 2016

Ovn1, I think what I find most striking is that it really, really doesn't look like Verve, hehehe, but like some great doodle on a paper somehow. Nobody said it had to be fireworks...totally ok to be horsing around! ;)
Here to help! :D
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