Sketch #000019 - "Door to Paradise"

Find a little moment each day to make a sketch! It doesn't have to take long, but if you have the time, don't worry to take it! :D

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Re: Sketch #000019 - "Door to Paradise"

It's a good suggestion Taron. I do tend to ponder too much as you well know. My thought when I looked at it after I woke up and viewed it again was that it would be better to have a suggestion of anonymity and besides I Did have a problem with the head. But it was a fast off the cuff sketch and I should have kept regarding it that way. :idea:
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Re: Sketch #000019 - "Door to Paradise"

Here's my first entry into this topic. I'd like to paint an old grizzled hand holding a quill as well, but I'm afraid my talent may not be there yet. And I'm not sure if it would end up being too much.

Here's my take on a "Door to Paradise"":

book2.jpg (108.94 KiB) Viewed 10717 times
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Re: Sketch #000019 - "Door to Paradise"

That's quite literal... :lol: (literal, you know, eh...I shouldn't love about my own joke, right) :oops:
Very cool! I do dig the extreme perspective, but I really dig the style of the book binding! It looks VERY artistic! Where ever you think your skills are, you display very exciting style and artistic intuition! c:!

I'm still debating whether this is magic or religious dogma? Which ever, it's a great idea! :ob
Here to help! :D
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