Post Sat Mar 23, 2019 12:05 am

Funny Process!

A funny workflow :)

Use the Free Bricsys Shape (a tricky ergonomy - not sure i all understand but...
(will be the same with SketchUp, Verve, maybe a little less speedy ;)

Make a little drawing (10 seconds) with the Quick Draw function (first icon :)

Take a Snap Shot image (Print Screen key) - make a PNG image (1024*512 not obligatory) with transparent background ( here some white surfaces) with any 2D Prog! :ugeek:

And Drag & Drop the result on my little prog ;)
Right Click Save image if your eyes are pleased and voilà! :)
Of course that is infinite because you can draw anything you want as start! : Only your imagination can limit the process! :)

Is beautiful that please without concept!
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