comment on new canvas feature

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comment on new canvas feature

I have noticed something about the behaviour of the canvas feature.
More correctly I have noticed that the paint interacts with the canvas in ways one might not expect. If you have the paint setting to dry (on) and a farily fast dry then the texture seems to direct the fluid paricles. However if you set the dry (off) and brush to full fluid, then the "paint" seem to flow "under" or without respect to the canvas texture.

I know that this is early in development so I am really just pointing this out. It would be nice to see the texture actually present as a terrain that the particles flow in/around even if the paint setting is full fluid.
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Re: comment on new canvas feature

Ah crap... I replied to that in great length, but must've gotten distracted and closed the browser... DUH!?! :roll:
Brief: All still gets tweaked!
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