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Re: Everybody's First Doodle

Hi all, never a painter or an artist really but I found verve looking for a way to make digital paintings. Here's my first doodle.

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Re: Everybody's First Doodle

Hi, have a good time here :beer: nice beginning. If you want learningmore about digital painting, maybe free videos of ctrlpaint.com can bit help, but you don't need buy photoshop :borg:
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Re: Everybody's First Doodle

That's GREAT! You're approaching it perfectly! c:! ...just explore, enjoy yourself, enjoy diving into it and feel your way forward. The more you paint, the more control you gain over the tool and you get to know the artist within you along the way. If you want any specific guidance, feel free to start a thread in the community section where we can talk about techniques and the likes! :ugeek: ...I'm always happy to help as it inspires me, too! :hyper:
Here to help! :D
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