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Re: Intars' gallery

PostPosted: Fri Feb 14, 2020 10:25 am
by Taron
Ehehehe, I may never get desperate enough to play a 95 fps game, haha, but I was properly surprised to see how crude games still were then. I think, back then I still had the Amiga running, too.

Well, if you just want to have some fun programming, you should consider looking into BlitzMax. To make a little game with it is really pleasant. But even then it's amazing how much work can go into the smallest of games, if you want for it to have all components. I did a bunch of tiny half-baked games with it, too. The last one I posted here some years back..."Vapor" I called it, I believe. I got and still get a big kick out of making everything procedural, using no graphic assets except for a font.

If you want to, we can someday have a look at something together. Might be fun! :hyper:

Thanks for digging up that youtube clip! :ob

Re: Intars' gallery

PostPosted: Wed Feb 26, 2020 5:49 pm
by Zeropainter
reminds me bit of CASTLE OF WOLFENSTEIN - the oldest of the game-series and bit of terminator :beer:

Re: Intars' gallery

PostPosted: Thu Mar 19, 2020 11:13 am
by Intars
"The castle of Miles Dyson (from Cyberdyne Systems)" :lol:

Small, tiny game/interactive graphics programming as an exercise and skill polishing routine do crosses my mind more often. I am in my last (3rd) year of university
bachelor's degree quest and i will have to deal with gathered knowledge defragmentation anyway. It is nothing unusual to me and somewhat expected - many courses
that we learn are not properly connected between each other and programming courses were also taught in "scattered" manner. So, it will be up to me surely to do
the job shortly after university to "connect the dots", polish and systematize programming skills in some unified manner.

Mini-game programming is good candidate of exercise type. So, maybe some day we might give a shot to some experimental co-op, once i feel more confident in my skills.
For now i am bad but very enthusiastic potential programmer (as i jokingly refer to me and some of our course group colleagues in university). There is a huge black hole in
our formal knowledge about data structures and their implementation in code - in university we got only theory of it.

By the way, when i first time tried verve for some pixel art, it crossed my mind in a form of speculative thought of how interestingly could some hypothetical game
really look like if it's all pixel art assets would be created in vervepainter...
Of course the way how vervepainter works goes somewhat counter to how pixel art used to be created, but still - thought does not leaves me :ud:

And now some picture. This is work in progress snaps, and i intentionally show only parts and in a way as to maximally conceal and confuse of what it actually could be 8-)
Because there is quite a probability that if shown too much, many (if not most of you) would quickly recall somehow from your memories what fictional universe does this
new wip image encompasses - and that would spoil the chances for final drawing to bring some little surprise moment with it. I am still working on this new drawing little
by little with a finish line on a horizon already...
Actually, i think at the end some people may even question me why the hell i even made such odd drawing :)
Something of nostalgia and fond collection of memories is the reason. You will see in a days.

Re: Intars' gallery

PostPosted: Thu Mar 19, 2020 11:54 am
by Taron
Congratulations, you've made me very curious! :hyper:
Yeah, I'm having some bizarre fun right now, doing some javascript coding! :ugeek: soon as it's presentable, I'll let y'all have some fun with it, too. But it really is a fantastic exercise in the first place. I can truly recommend javascript! :ob
There, too, is loads to learn, but it's so accessible and quick, while still providing the full spectrum of coding and on the fly choices of programming styles.

Anyway, can't wait to see what you've got cooking!
(Thanks, Pilou, but let's keep Intars' excellent Gallery clean! Off-Topic is a good place to share extra ideas. :ugeek: ) :ob

Re: Intars' gallery

PostPosted: Sat Apr 18, 2020 2:56 am
by eduardobedoya
great the terminators pixel art

Re: Intars' gallery

PostPosted: Fri Dec 04, 2020 9:24 pm
by Intars
Greetings again, people :hug:

I guess i allowed to "collect the dust" in my gallery for too long; so i came and do a little bit of a "wooosh-woosh-..." with dust cleaner so to speak.
There is something i can show as goodies this time. But one note before - eeemm.... :roll: , how to say, ... i still haven't quite finished my (lets for now call it) main
vervePaint - this mysterious drawing described in my previous post. Just want to chime-in and say that during this year in random moments i do managed to move it
forward in small steps and it does approaches somewhat a finishing line. But i still can't show it to you as a whole piece. What you get to see here is some other corner of it,
only this time with few layers switched off to not give away too much information (because coloring, some nuances maybe can give away the whole thing - who knows).
Just a patience, please, with this one, okay?

With this drawing, i think, i am somewhere at +-87% of completion.
As we recall from my previous description of this project, it is slightly something different from all my previous works, it touches other genre and inspiration sources
than any previous of my work. I am little bit cautious, if it even happens so that this little midget thing already might spoil the source, although this is only probability.
So, folks, here is a fragment:

Re: Intars' gallery

PostPosted: Fri Dec 04, 2020 9:52 pm
by Intars
But i have some more....

Last few months, from March (since my last post) i had to prioritize university events, this was/is my sort of a final-graduating study year.
Reality brought changes and many funny hardships - i had to get my diploma in July; that doesn't happened. But what happened is that
i finished everything except the very diploma work itself, which is now my primary concern and effort since mid-July. Maybe i will have a
chance to finish it and defend in February-March 2021, so i finally could become ultra-happy men for a moment. (Not happy - but ultra-happy).

But in this difficult time for me i do found moments here and there to verve-paint, in parallel to mysterious "main" vervepaint. Strange thing
with me is this - i, by some unconscious reason, strive to upload my works chronologically not according to their finalization date but by their
order as they occurred to me as a project, as an idea. Here, because of my main drawing stretched timely into months, in parallel i somewhat
finished many more vervepaints. I was bullshitting myself that i will finish "soon" this mysterious "main" drawing, as it turned out - on many occasions.
It's just that on my working notebook with intelHD graphics its a challenge to work on it at its finishing stages due to size and complexity - even its
moderate size of something of a 1600px on xyz px makes my computer struggle and there is no real-time. I draw it slowly, patiently, when i need
to switch out from everyday problems :?

And i still love the vervepaint. It is a meditation :bow:

What i decided because all of that - is that i will post here what can you expect to see some time after i truly manage to finish my mysterious drawing.
These are close-up / fragments from few new vervepaints that i created from March to this December. Some of them are 100% finished, all of them are
100% verve (which is what i bring into my gallery here, as you know it) but some of them are not quite finished in a sense of final-touches that i know
they need (and which they will get once i finish mysterious vervepaint). After mysterious vervepaint will be done completely, i think i will publish most
(if not all) of those in their full view for sure c:! I like to play little bit with expectations, forgive me this time - it is somewhat interesting how will
you look again at those vervepaints when you will see them in full-view later on while having observed for now only fragments which give you place to imagine
what and how is everything beyond those fragments :roll:

Some of them are related to one of my big project and few of them are just single vervepaints.
So, with this, i leave them for your viewing experience. I see there is some catching-up-to-do for me here on this forum. Saw that there are new folks,
new works - will need to check out what i missed during this time :?:
Wanted to say that overall i am absolutely alive, i love doing vervepaintings, had occasionally checked what is going on here and so happy forum is alive
(as probably many of us wish it were continually on to the future). Great place. Taron, please - don't accidentally delete us all one day :ud:

Re: Intars' gallery

PostPosted: Fri Dec 04, 2020 11:13 pm
by Taron
Man, I want to be in there, explore and see how this evolves! :hyper:
Definitely unique and very, very promising! :ob

Re: Intars' gallery

PostPosted: Sun Dec 06, 2020 9:22 am
by Tartan
I like what you have done here! Keep up the good work! c:!

Re: Intars' gallery

PostPosted: Thu Jan 14, 2021 2:59 pm
by eduardobedoya
it looks like a side-scrolling game, definitely Verve painting gives it a special look. Like if you are playing a gaming that looks like a painting.
There are good kinda art-ish games like "Machinarium", but I never saw a game with sprites or BGs that look like a 3D painting, there are a good bunch of pixelart game though, very good ones.
About DOS the games of the 90,I remember "Super Contra"(NES) or "Another World"(PC)
There is an artwork of yours (the guy in side view kinda walking) that reminded me to the old game "Oddworld".
Hope to see it soon. congrats Intars.